National Emergency Alert Notification System

Design Specification and Compliance Proposal


Test & Acceptance

5.1 - General
To insure that the delivered system provides the features and functional capabilities specified in the system specification in order to achieve the goals and objectives specified in the Requirements Analysis, we will perform the following test procedures prior to accepting the system.

Each test procedure specifies the materials/information required, the test procedure to accomplished, and the expected results of the procedure. The test will be considered passed if the anticipated results are achieved; however, should another, related test not pass, we may, at our discretion, direct that previously passed tests be re-accomplished after any modifications or corrections have been made to the system.

Vendors responding to this Request for Proposal need not indicate compliance with each individual item, as compliance is expected. Vendors must indicate any exceptions to any test or results that is not anticipated to perform as expected herein.


5.2 - Test Procedure
5.2.1 - Provided Items
The agency will provide the following items for use in the Test and Acceptance procedure:
  • A minimum of one NOAA All-Hazard receiving device as specified by the vendor
  • A list of at least 20 users with complete information as would be provided for the operational system. Users will be from different geographic areas, and will be grouped according to agency specifications. This list will not be made available to the vendor prior to testing.
  • A proper workstation as designated by the vendor upon which to perform the test and acceptance procedures.
  • At least one other workstation in-house, with internet access such that testing of internet web, email and other such functions can be tested/demonstrated.
  • Scenarios. The agency will provide various notification scenarios to be utilized during the testing procedure, including the possibility of equipment/facility outage at any point during the procedure.
5.2.2 - Test and Acceptance Procedure - System/User Administration - User Record Entry

GIVEN: A list of up to 10 system users with varying group participation, geographic areas, and notification types.

PROCEDURE: The operator, after providing the proper Login/Password authentication to the system, and accessing the applicable user administration function, will be able to create the applicable user records.

RESULTS: The user records will be stored as entered into the system. Acceptance of this procdure cannot be verified until procedure is completed and accepted. - User Record Search/Display

GIVEN: A list of users whose records (up to 10) exist in the system and should be able to be displayed.

PROCEDURE: The operator will provide either or any of the following information to the system: User ID Number, Last Name, Login, organization, group, City, State, ZIP code, telephone number (home/work/other), and/or email address.

RESULTS: Upon issuing the applicable command, the system will search the user database utilizing any/all of the information provided, and return a display for the user sought, or a group of records containing the user sought as applicable. (i.e. for city, group, zip code etc. searches). In each case, the sought after record should be returned to the operator. If each of the records input during procedure can be accessed via any combination of the data stated herein, both this and procedure will be considered passed. - User Record Update

GIVEN: A list of users (up to 10) whose records will be updated. Users will be specified by user id, last name or logon id, and the specific data to be changed in each record will be specified.

PROCEDURE: The operator will utilize the list to be updated to search for and display the applicable user record using the applicable procedure. When the record is displayed, the operator will change the information in one or more of any of the displayed fields, and designate that the record be updated. This procedure will be followed for each given record and data set.

When all records have been updated, the operator will use the procedure outlined in procedure to search for and display each of the records that were updated, and verify that the new data is displayed as updated on each record.

RESULTS: The system should allow operators to access individual records, update information in any field (other than a specified key field), and re-store the record in the system. A subsequent display of the record should display the newly updated information in the applicable fields. - User Record Delete

GIVEN: A list of users (up to 10) whose records will be deleted from the system. Access method to each record will be specified as either by last name, user id, or login id.

PROCEDURE: Utilizing the search methdology outlined in section, the operator will access and display each record specified on the delete list, and issue the command to delete the record.

After all specified records have been deleted, the operator will used the methodology specified in section above to attempt access to the applicable records.

RESULTS: The system should search for, display and allow the operator to DELETE each record as specified. A subsequent search for the record in the database should yield no record found. - User Self Administration