National Emergency Alert Notification System

Design Specification and Compliance Proposal



4.1 - General
It is anticipated that training will be required for proper use of the system. The vendor must supply all training and training materials required for the training of personnel to administer, manage, operate and maintain the system. Training sufficient to insure proper operation of the system must be performed prior to the system operation date.

    Since the system is "delivered" virtually immediately, operator personnel will be contacted and given applicable login and passwords to the system, and a training session (normally 30-45 minutes) via the telephone on operating the system. After such training, operators will be proficient in the use of the system; however they will have full access to our operator personnel in our Network Communications Center for help whenever it is needed.

    Documentation/Training materials will be provided via electronic transfer at the time of training.

    The EMCOM system incorporates a complete alert issuance "test/training" system available for training and practice by system operators. The system may be used at any time.

    If on-site training is desired, EMCOM training personnel can be made available for $1500 per day plus standard travel expenses. Normally only one day of training would be required. An alternative is to have the agency's personnel visit our own facility for a day to work with training and operator personnel directly.