National Emergency Alert Notification System

Design Specification and Compliance Proposal



3.1 - General
This section specifies the requirements for system delivery and installation.

3.2 - Timeline
The system must be delivered and installed within 60 days of the award of the contract. The time includes the time required for system testing and training as specified in Section 4.0.

    EMCOM will deliver the full capabilities of the system within one business day of contract award, when the date of such an award is known in advance. (i.e. as specified in a Request for Proposal. Often the sytem can be delivered within hours.

3.3 - Deliverables

At the time of delivery the system will be accompanied by X copies of the system operations and maintenance manuals; X shall be in printed form, and X may be in electronic format.
    Due to the fact that the EMCOM system is delivered for use virtually immediately, any printed documentation will be delivered as soon as practical (within 1-2 days) of the contract award. Electronic copies of the manuals will be made available immediately from an electronic download which the agency may print and have immediately available until the printed documentation arrives. Note that there is NO charge associated with documentation presented in electronic media format. Agencies will be charged for printed copies in accordance with the cost of printing and shipping; therefore, in most cases we suggest it may be more cost effective to receive electronic media (Adobe PDF files), and print them locally.
3.4 - Facilities and/or Facilities Modifications
It is the responsibility to insure that any additional facilities or modification of current facilities are completed prior to the system operation date. We will work with the bid winner to schedule such facility modifications.

    Since there is no additional hardware, software, phone lines, etc. required for the system, we are automatically in compliance.