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This demo is representative in nature only. To view an exemplar Emergency Manager System Administration area CLICK HERE

NOTE: Due to operational priorites, the Demonstration system (Including PopAlert Monitor) may only be operational on a limited basis and at limited times. --EMCOM

From this page you can begin your own "self" demonstration of some of the capabilities of the system. (This is part of the "LIVE" system, so not all capabilities can be activated. However, if you should receive a weather warning during your time with the system, please heed it... it is not part of the demonstration, but an actual alert.)

In the demonstration, a few seconds after you issue your alert, and if the sound on your computer is properly adjusted, you may hear a system generated voice message as would be used for voice notifications; however, if you have the monitor 'logo window' activated, receipt of the bulletin and its accompanying warning tone may superceed this message. To hear it, after issuing some notifications, you can "kill" the monitor logo window, and then issue more alerts. (You will not receive these alerts, but you should be able to hear the voice message).

Note that this demonstration does not run on our secure servers. Do not send messages with information confidential to your organization. ALSO,the TEST system will deactivate itself approximately 15 minutes after the Pop-Up Monitor is activated.

The first step in running your own demonstration is to activate a bulletin monitor. Activation of the monitor is shown by a small "logo window" popping up on your screen. DO NOT CLOSE THE "logo window"; it IS your monitor. Later, you may wish to minimize this window to your status bar, but for now, leave it on your screen. (If your internet browser is in the FULL SCREEN mode, the "logo window" may come up under the main browser window. To see it and designate a channel to use for the demo, you might have to minimize your main browser window, or resize it to leave room for both windows on your computer screeen

To activate the monitor, click on the "PopAlert Monitor" button on the menu to the left. Do it now. The first time you use the system, it will normally pop up another alert window asking you to enter the 2 letter abbreviation of your state. This is used for geocoding, weather bulletins, etc. Enter the two letter code and click OK.

The logo window should read EMCOM, and have a a Channel Input Box, and a GO button on it. To use the system, you must choose a channel that you will be transmitting and receiving on. The channel is designated by a code you make up and enter into the Channel field, and then press the GO button to set the channel. Your channel code should be a combination of letters and numbers with NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS OR BLANKS! Whatever code you enter, remember it. You'll have to use the exact same code when you designate what channel to send bulletins on. It is best to write down the code so you will remember it. This code is case sensitive, so pay attention if you use a combination of capital and small letters.

Ok. If you have entered your code AND pressed the GO button, you have activated your monitor to receive on that channel. If you want to see how the system works world-wide, you can contact other persons in your organization, regardless of their location in the world, as long as they have internet access. Have them come to this page and activate the monitor just like your did. Have them enter YOUR code, being careful that they use the same case for letters, and then have them click their "GO" button. They too, are now ready to receive your transmissions. (NOTE: this demo system should pop-up bulletins or redirect their browser within approximately 20-30 seconds after an alert transmission is sent).

When we proceed to the next page, you will be presented with an abbreviated version of a transmission page. (i.e.,It does not include sending attachments, outbound FAX, Voice, etc.)

Detailed instructions appear in the text boxes to the right of each entry to aid you in sending an alert message.

That is all there is to it. The sample screen will have HELP instructions for each field to the right of the field.

If you are ready to begin,

Click HERE to go to the Sample Transmission Page

Contact EMCOM for more information.

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