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If you would like to volunteer to be an Emergency Preparedness Block/Community Coordinator for your neighborhood, AND/OR are an Amateur Radio Operator willing to provide emergency communications capabilities, simply fill in the registration form below. You'll receive a confirmation email that tells you how to access our Community Coordinator area, which will give your the information and tools you need to immediately begin helping your neighborhood with Emergency Preparedness, and make contacts with key Emergency Response/Aid agencies in your area.

Participants will also be given access to the private, secure notification and bulletin system in an enhanced monitoring icon. The system requires NO special hardware and/or software. In most cases, if you are seeing this page, the system can activate itself on your system. They system will:
  • Monitor for and pop up notifications/bulletins from:
    • National Weather Service weather bulletins for YOUR area
    • Breaking News headlines from major media outlets.
    • Bulletins from local, state, federal, public and private emergency management agencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Provide "LIVE AID" communications with EMCOM and participating agencies.
  • Provide 'click' access to state and federal agencies, news and weather sites
  • Much, much more.
You can designate that bulletins also be directed to your E-Mail, or even to your text messaging capable cell phone if you will be away from your computer.

Besides the basic monitoring, the icon window will depict a complete menu system of links to pertinent agencies/web pages across the internet, and pages within the EMCOM system that will aid you in helping your neighbors to become prepared for all types of emergency situations.

As we prepare training, schedules for on-line sessions will be posted on our pages. Additionally, we will be shortly be implementing our "Live Aid" communications that will allow you to chat one-on-one with our Emergency Management personnel both to answer your questions, and when requesting aid or instructions during an emergency.

Registration Type
Block/Community Coordinator - Coordinating my neighborhood in Disaster Preparedness Efforts
Office Coordinator - Coordinate Notifications/Bulletins to/with your office co-workers
I'll do BOTH types of coordination
Amateur Radio Operator - Notification System / Communications Coordination/Relay Only

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
ZIP Code
E-Mail Address
Daytime Phone
Evening Phone
Cell Phone/Pager
Experience - Although NOT required, enter any Emergency Management experience you may have such as Medical or First Aid training, CPR training, law enforcement or fire fighting/rescue training, etc.
LOGIN - Choose your login name. Your login should be 8-16 characters long, and contain both letters and numbers; but only letters and numbers, no spaces or special characters. The LOGIN is case sensitive.
PASSWORD - Choose your password. As with your login, it should be 8-16 characters long, and contain only letters and numbers. (A mix is best). The PASSWORD is also case sensitive.
PASSWORD - Enter your PASSWORD again for verification purposes.
Organizational Affiliations
Please check any of the organizations with which you are affiliated.
American Red Cross
Civil Air Patrol (CAP)
Hospital Auxiliary Emergency Reserve/Response
Local Fire Department or Reserve
Local Law Enforcement or Reserve
Local Emergency Medical Response or Reserve
Local CERT Team
Local Neighborhood Association
National Guard Association (NGAUS)
Neighbor Helping Neighbor
Neighborhood Watch
Salvation Army
Tri-State Emergency Communications (TECNJ)
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Amateur Radio Operators Only
If you are not an amateur radio operator (ham), please skip this section and go directly to the SUBMIT REGISTRATION below.
Call Sign
License Class
What type of equipment do you run?
Are you equipped to run on backup power?
Packet Radio
Do you already participate with an emergency organization such as ARES/RACES or other such entity, either national or local? If so, please indicate them below. If more than one, seperate each name with a comma.

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