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The Nationwide Emerency Alert Notification System is available for use by the public to receive key emergency/disaster alerts and information updates. Alerts range from simple "boil orders" due to water main breaks in local communities, to weather warnings from the National Weather Service to national threats of terrorism. Individuals may register to receive notifications classed for public dissemination through the AlertAmerica Emergency Information web site for their locality. Use the "Your Home Town" menu entry at the left to access the web site for your own community to register for this service.

The alert notification means available to the public are those depicted below, with the exceptions listed below the figure. Details of each of the methodologies for Alert recption can be found by clicking the Notification System entry at the top of this page:

Click HERE to see Design Characteristics
Click HERE for Design Specification and Compliance Proposal

  • Voice based (phone/cellphone), FAX, and WebCast Alert Notifications are only available in communities where local government and/or public or private emergency agencies have registered to use the EMCOM Alert Issuance System, and who provide those notifications for their communities. If your community is not currently participating, we strongly urge you to contact them, and give them the internet address of this website. (

  • Reception of Satellite based notifications requires either a WeatherAlert 2000 All-Hazard radio, or a WeatherAlert capable pager.
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