Neighborhood Preparedness

While the key to emergency preparedness lies with the individual/family unit, it is most often enhanced by the coordinated efforts of an entire neighborhood, with families working together to help each other. To be effective, this must be a carefully planned, coordinated effort. EMCOM Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators are called upon to act as the coordinating entity for individual neighborhoods. Their actions will include:
  • Insuring individuals or families with special needs are taken care of during/after an emergency.
  • Surveying the neighborhood for individuals with special experience, training, skills and/or equipment that would be useful to the community in various types of emergencies.
  • Setting up community level post-emergency assembly areas from which head counts will be taken and passed to emergency responders, and from which neighborhood evacuations can be dispatched.
  • Setting up community rosters for emergency notification "chain" calls, and for taking head counts in assembly areas after an emergency.
  • Setting up coordinated back-up emergency communications for the neighborhood.
  • Helping set up additional training for themselves or any interested neighbors for CPR, First Aid, light Search & Rescue, etc., or matching them with other volunteer organizations.

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