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The World's Most Advanced, Integrated Emergency Notification System...

Public Agencies, Local/State Governments, Emergency Management Organizations... With one message entry, you can now notify any organization, group, sub-group, or the public via:
  • Satellite based WeatherAlert 2000 Emergency Notification radios... (Pictured at right);

  • Pop-Up Windows on audience's computers, regardless of their computer type, operating system or browser type, and neither you nor they have to download or install any software;

  • Via E-Mail

  • Cell Phone (text messaging) Notification

  • Pager (text messaging) Notification

  • Phone notificaiton (from neighborhood community emergency coordinators) to people without computers, cell phones, pagers, etc.
Messages are received by your targeted audience within seconds of you issuing the notification, not hours like with dial-out systems; and at a fraction of the the cost!

The base system is tied in to:
  • The National Weather Service, so that users receive immediate notifications for their own area within seconds of being issued.

  • The National Emergency Notification network to receive notifications and bulletins from Federal agencies including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEM), the FBI, Center for Disease Control, etc.

  • National Media for breaking national news

  • EMCOM Notification and Emergency Warning System and its nationwide network of neighborhood based Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators

  • Town, City, County and State Governments and Emergency Management Offices.

The system allows users to take advantage of multiple communications "channels" to group their communications as they see fit. Additionally, Internet, E-Mail, Cell Phone and Pager notifications can be individually targeted by/to:
  • Departments within an agency;
  • By Agency or group of agencies, media or the general public;
  • By Incident - (To participating agencies, or to the public by a user; defined distance from the incident point... i.e. within 5 miles of point X;
  • By town/city, county, zip code, state or other geographic reference;
  • By user defined distance from any of the defined geographic points;
  • or any combination of the above.
Additionally, the system also provides "EMAlert" web site notification services. EMAlert is a few lines of code that are added to participating agency's Internet Web Pages, that allow the system to generate a "pop-up" window when users arrive at the page... ONLY when there are specific emergency notifications in effect for the agency's area. These can be any kind of alert, including alerts issued by the agency. There is nothing to remember to maintain on the web site. Once a bulletin or notification is issued, the site will begin displaying it immediately, beginning with the next user to use the system. (Activates within 5 seconds of a notification being issued.

The EMCOM / Page Update system is the most comprehensive, fully integrated notification system available in the world. A notification needs to be entered (typed or "pasted") into a web page just once, and the message is broadcast to every targeted user, via satellite, internet, etc.

Cities can notify residents of water/gas line breaks, landslides, road closures, or anything else within minutes, not hours, wherever their residents happen to be: home, work, or on the go!

The Universal Emergency Notification System is a joint project of the EMCOM Project, and Page Update, Inc.

Page Update is now the second largest emergency notification service in the world, soon to be first. Tens of thousands of individuals, agencies and organizations rely on the notifications they receive, including through the WeatherAlert 2000 satellite based, emergency notification system.

The EMCOM organization is a nationwide network of neighborhood based Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators who lead their neighborhoods in establishing preparedness in their communities, including providing residents with emergency preparedness information and checklists, establishing assembly areas, and post-emergency back-up communications. EMCOM provides coordinators with their proprietary Notification and Emergency Warning System (NEWS), as a key me ans of emergency notification.

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