Notification Systems

Of key importance to Emergency Preparedness is the ability to receive notifications of impending or current emergency/disaster situations as well as bulletins from local, state and federal agencies. EMCOM provides the most comprehensive, sophisticated and advanced technology in Emergency Notification Systems, with its own proprietary network, phone and pager systems as well as with satellite-based, instant emergency notification systems.

Our state-of-the-art integrated systems deliver not only notifications to our coordinators and the public, but also provide intra and inter-agency communications for emergency organizations, as well as channels for posting bulletins directly to the media or the public. Our system provides the fastest, most comprehensive emergency/disaster notifications currently available anywhere, and include notifications for:
  • NOAA Emergency Weather Notifications
  • National/Local All-Hazard Alert Warnings
  • Terrorism Warnings
  • State and Local Agency Alerts and Warnings
  • Emergency Agency Notifications and Bulletins
  • Intra/Inter Agency Communications
EMCOM, in conjunction with Page Update, Inc. have combined and integrated their systems to provide the world's most advanced notification system for city, county and state governments, and public and private emergency agencies and organizations.

For more information on the capabilities of the universal notification system for emergency agencies, CLICK HERE.

Notification Solutions

NOAA Weather/All Hazard Radio
The most basic requirement for emergency communications for individuals and families is the NOAA Weather/All Hazard Radio system. As a stand-alone unit, EMCOM recommends (and provides) the Midland Radio Model 74-250 handheld S.A.M.E Weather/All Hazard Monitor system.

Combination Emergency Communications / NOAA Weather / All Hazard Radios
For those persons wanting to combine their emergency notification with their personal emergency communications, EMCOM recommends (and provides), a line of Motorola FRS/GMRS -NOAA Weather combination radios. See our Neighborhood Emergency Radio Communications Specification for more details.

National Emergency Alert Notification System
For EMCOM neighborhood based Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators, EMCOM freely provides its NEWS system, which provides a complete range of notification and bulletin services, including messages from local agencies and organizations. These bulletins can be received on any kind of internet connected computer, or via e-mail, cell phones and pagers. For more information, see our National Emergency Alert Notification System page.

The Optimum Emergency Alert System
EMCOM / Page Update WeatherAlert 2000
Emergency Warning System

The most reliable weather/all emergency broadcast alerting system, this system utilizes satellite technology to receive emergency notifications and bulletins from federal, state and local public and private emergency organizations.

When combined and integrated with the EMCOM NEWS system, provides the ultimate, most comprehensive notification system available in the world, both for users and for emergency agencies to issue notifications. For more information on the WeatherAlert 2000, CLICK HERE.

For more information concerning our notification systems, see:

(and anyone else that needs/wants the ultimate in notification systems)

EMCOM has teamed up with Page Update to provide full satellite-based weather, emergency, and disaster notification services. National, State and Local alerts are received within 90 seconds of issuance.

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Midland Radio Model 74-250
Handheld S.A.M.E
Weather/All Hazard Monitor

For individuals and families, the Midland Weather and All Hazard Monitor provides FM based radio warnings for your specific area.

Family Emergency

Having emergency back-up communications are critical to overall preparedness. See our Communications Specification for low-cost ways to combine emergency notifications and communications with everyday communications needs when traveling, camping, boating, skiing, hunting, etc.