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EMCOM KidSearch Alert

Unlike other notification systems, KidSearch brings missing child alert notifications all of the way down to the neighborhood level, with the capability to do so within 90 seconds of the alert being generated, and with its graduated system, provides seemless integration from a local search for a child that may be lost or have wandered off, to a full city, county, state or nationwide search for an abducted child. (See note at bottom of page)

If you are the parent of a missing child, you want to bring the largest possible coordinated search effort towards locating that child in the shortest amount of time. If the situation becomes a matter of a child abduction, time is the critical factor, and you want widespread notifiation and the effort level immediately increased without backtracking and starting over with new people and a new effort.

It isn't the name of the plan that counts... it is the integration and coordination of the search effort that can be applied to immediately find the child! We recommend using every method available.

The EMCOM KidSearch alert utilizes the unique combination of the EMCOM Nationwide Emergency Alert Notification System and the EMCOM nationwide network of neighborhood based Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators (block captains) to provide a powerful, integrated system for immediate and effective public notification of missing children, and the same immediate ability to mount fully coordinated, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood searches for the child.
  1. The EMCOM KidSearch Alert system utilizes the satellite based WeatherAlert All-Hazard radio system for primary notifications. This system incorporates messages directly from the EAS (Emergency Alert System), including those designated as AMBER Alert notifications.

  2. The EMCOM KidSearch Alert system utilizes all of the EMCOM notification/communication facilities to significantly extend the breadth and depth of the alert through the public, with notifications to the neighborhood and public level within 30-90 seconds of issuance.

  3. The EMCOM KidSearch Alert system includes the EMCOM network of neighborhood based Community Coordinators (block captains), that can personnally notify their neighbors who may otherwise not be notified, help organize search parties in their area within minutes of the alert, provide situation reporting to responsible agencies, etc.

KidSearch AMBER is typically activated in situations which do not yet fit the criteria for an abduction: i.e. when a child may have wandered off, could be hiding, etc., and is typically used in a more localized area. Since no abduction is known to have taken place, a wider alert is not justified, but much of the same resources may be required to seek the location of the child. EMCOM's unique geographic targeting and other capabilities lend itself ideally for this situation.

Once an abduction situation has been declared, EMCOM's KidSearch RED module can expand and speed the notification process to the public, media, other governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as to companies with a significant force of drivers on the road such as utility companies, deliver companies, taxi companies, etc. It's reach includes individuals via cell phone and pager for persons "on-the-go", or where they cannot get radio/TV bulletins. The EMCOM system can also supply messaging to electronic highway signs as well as electronic signs in malls, stores, etc. EMCOM's considerable resources and comprehensive situation reporting systems/network become critical elements in such circumstances when time is of the essence.

When a missing child is located, a KidSearch a GREEN message is generated to indicate that the search is no longer active.

NOTE: EMCOM does not itself issue KidSearch, or any other ALERT notifications. These are issued by participating law enforcement or other public agencies through our system. EMCOM provides the nationwide communications facilities, systems, software, and utilities to reach our nationwide network of Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators and members of many other participating organizations, who themselves have access to our situation reporting systems, communications, and back-up communications facilities. These are provided as a public service to facilitate the rapid recovery of missing children. EMCOM will issue advisories to its network of other types of alerts which have been issued to the public via other means.

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