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International Emergency Preparedness, Notification and Communications Organization

Municipalities, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Public/Private Emergency Agencies.

Your Needs:

  • To be able to immediately alert your entire community about emergencies/disasters from water main breaks to terrorist acts and everything in-between...

  • During these situations, you are busy. You need to make a single alert that will go out over virtually ALL available text and voice communications media (see depiction below), including All-Hazard WeatherAlert radio, and translate the language as applicable for various segments of your community...

  • You need to be able to receive/display street-by-street, neighborhood by neighborhood situation reports within minutes of any disaster/emergency to perform damage assessment and resource allocation...

  • You need to be able to coordinate and communicate with other local, state and federal agencies as applicable...

  • You need a network of neighborhood "block captains" to help prepare your community, and assist with response/recovery operations...

  • You need a system that is "portable"... where you can utilize its full capabilities from virtually any location in case your EOC is affected by the emergency/disaster... and which interfaces directly with your local AREA/RACES emergency communications personnel as needed...

  • You need to be able to immediately update an Emergency Information website for your area with key alert information, bulletins, evacuation routes, emergency shelters, etc.... (and have the ability to broadcast LIVE to your community via this page...

  • You need to do this for less than half the cost of installing a common telephone dialer system with 2 dedicated T1 phone lines...

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

That No emergency agency or organization should ever be placed in a position as to have to decide between public/private notification media/methodologies. A Public Notification system MUST provide simple, immediate and simultaneous access to ALL viable text and voice communications media for alerting purposes.

That any such Emergency Alert Notification System MUST be configured such that in either primary or back-up modes, an alert notification/communication need only be input ONCE into the system. This is regardless of whether the message is targeted to any individuals, groups, agencies, geographic areas or any other targeting criteria; whether the message is to be relayed in multiple modes (text and voice... the system should automatically convert text to voice or vice versa for transmission via the applicable medias); whether the message must be translated to another language (the system should provide both text and voice translations for the transmission to all targeted receivers, or to those targeted receivers who have designated to receive communications in that language).

That the same rationale applies to the issuance of survey/situation reporting questionnaires, regardless of whether they were previously prepared, or created 'ad-hoc', shall be input to the system only once. The system must perform text to voice translations, language translations, translation to html documents, translation to fax documents, etc. as required, and issue the same via all viable media. In the reception of situation report responses, the system must receive responses from all of the various media forms and make the reverse translations (including digital touch-tone and/or interactive voice responses) to standard text such that results can be consolidated and posted for viewing, or downloaded into the user's own decision support software..

The National Emergency Alert Notification System was specifically designed in accordance with an exhaustive requirements analysis and subsequent system design specification to meet the following goals and objectives:
  • To fully meet and incorporate the goals set forth in the Homeland Security Information Systems Initiative, particularly relating to the specification that new systems acquired by all levels of government be integrated at all levels to provide coordinated information/notification flow to all agencies and organizations, both public and private.

  • Also in accordance with the Homeland Security Information System Initiative, that new systems incorporate and take advantage of state-of-the-art technology in the utilization of multiple notification methodologies to insure the most comprehensive distribution of the information to be disseminated.

  • In order to attain the goals and objectives of Project Impact in even the most fiscally challenged communities, the system was developed to utilize economy of scale to allow emergency agencies the ability to provide Alert Notifications to, and LIVE communications with their communities... and without equipment or software to purchase, install or maintain.

  • The combination of the preceding goals provides a means for the demonstration by local government officials of the concern of the citizenry for the need for comprehensive, integrated notifications systems while maintaining the fiscal responsibility entrusted to them by their citizens and dictated by increasingly tight budgets. Even the most strict application of the Socratic Method to the cost/benefit matrix demonstrates participation in the system to provide optimum performance and cost effectiveness to the community.

  • To provide a system which incorporates the fault-tolerance of an integrated, yet geographically distributed system accessible from diverse locations and via diverse access methodologies, thus avoiding the pitfalls of single point systems which rely on the communications to and the facility housing them to remain undamaged and operational. (Avoiding the problem demonstrated on 9/11 when the Emergency Operations Center was housed in the World Trade Center, and was destroyed.)

  • The provision of a system which can be in place and implemented for the community within hours, rather than weeks or months.

The system includes a complete survey/situation report feedback loop, making response data available for download into your own analysis/decision support applications. The system allows emergency management personnel and EMCOM Community Coordinators equipped with the new "Camera Cell Phones" to attach photos from these phones with their situation reports. These photos of the affected areas can be viewed directly from the system's situation/status displays."

At a fraction of the cost of individually owned "dialer" systems which provide only voice notifications and are useless if communications to, or the facility housing the system itself are damaged, The National Emergency Alert Notification System can be accessed from almost anywhere, via a wide variety of means, insuring that your community always gets the message.

Full participation includes the following notification methodologies Click here for details:

Click HERE to see Design Characteristics
Click HERE for Design Specification and Compliance Proposal

To view a "mock-up" of the System Operations area that would be available to you with use of the system, CLICK HERE.

Abducted Child ALERT

Drastically increase the efficiency of your abducted child ALERT plan with a secondary means of agency/media notifications, and an extended reach into the community to individuals and the EMCOM nationwide network of neighborhood based Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators. Their eyes and ears, as well as their capability to establish search regimens almost immediately provide an invaluable tool.

The EMCOM/Page Update Satellite Notification System is also capable of directly addressing electronic highway signs, besides the communications methodologies listed above.

KidSearch ALERT

In situations with do not yet fit the requirements for a national abducted child alert, a KidSearch Alert can be issued to alert and mobilize the community, the EMCOM Community Coordinator network, Neighborhood Watch and Amateur Radio based situation reporting and community aid networks (as well as other law enforcement agencies, public service agencies, utility workers, delivery companies, taxi services, etc.) to be on the lookout for the missing child.

Click Here for more information about utilizing the EMCOM system for missing children.

EMCOM is already providing free emergency notification (NOAA Weather, breaking news, etc.) to thousands of people in communities across the country. As such, we are probably already communicating with your citizens (including live broadcasts). Many may already be participating in our Community Emergency Preparedness Program. Shouldn't your Emergency Operations Center be able to reach them as easily?

Join the nationally integrated, coordinated alerting system designed to provide "million dollar notification system" capabilities at a cost that meets the fiscal capabilities of virtually any community. There is no hardware or software to purchase or install, no additional facilities or technical personnel required to administer or maintain the system. We can have your organization operational within hours of receiving your order.

Contact EMCOM for more information.

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