EMCOM / PageUpdate WeatherAlert 2000

The ultra-sophisticated EMCOM / PageUpdate WeatherAlert 2000 is the ultimate tool for emergency notifications, and provides the utmost in emergency warning systems. It bridges the gap between warning time and receiver location, utilizing satellite downlinks to provide uninterrupted and totally reliable warning communications. Key features of the system include:
  • Satellite Downlink: Works in areas conventional devices don't, allowing for faster alert delivery and eliminating rain fadeout.
  • Exclusive Technology: The system provides detailed storm movement, speed and location, multi-hazard alerts as well as proprietary alerts from both EMCOM and Page Update.
  • Supports Hearing Impaired:: The system supports an optional 500,000 candlepower strobe and other accessories.
  • EMCOM can provide public and private emergency organizations with their own private channels on which to issue satellite based bulletins to their own personnel virtually anywhere in the country.
As opposed to the conventional FM radio transmission used by devices such as NOAA Weather Radio, the EMCOM / Page Update WeatherAlert WeatherAlert 2000 receives its signal from orbiting satellites. Units are invulnerable to FM signal fadeout, a problem caused when sever weather occurs near or over a radio transmitter site. The system also uses a fully digital signal to ensure the entire alert is fully received.

EMCOM recommends this system to its neighborhood based Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators, businesses, and emergency agency personnel. With it, users can receive notifications when all other forms of communications are unavailable, including notifications and bulletins directly from EMCOM and local public and private emergency agencies and organizations.