You Can Make the Difference

As little as a few hours a month can make the difference between life and death to someone in your neighborhood; and you can be the person to make that difference. Community Coordinators are a vital part of our nation's defense and security and play a key role in the preparation against both natural and man-made emergencies and disasters.

No special skills or experience are required to begin; only the desire to be a part of an organization dedicated to helping your neighbors, and "making a difference". It is a opportunity for young or old alike, or in tandem. (Nothing beats a team effort of a Senior with experience and administrative skills, and the young legs and computer expertise of a Boy or Girl Scout!)

If you are an amateur radio operator (ham), whether or not you currently participate with an emergency program in your area, your communications are key in a time of disaster and we would invite you to join us in that capacity. Participation gives you access to our emergency notification systems as well as many other utility programs and key information/communications resources. HAMs contact EMCOM for more information.

The President, Congress, your Governor and more importantly your neighbors need your help. Volunteer and get started today!

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