AMBER/KidSearch Alerts

When a child is missing, prompt action must be taken. Whether the child is considered lost and a KidSearch Alert is required, or abducted where activation of an AMBER PLAN must be initiated, the EMCOM system can provide immediate notification to key agencies, the media and the public within moments of the event, including the posting/publishing of Missing Child Posters on up to 1 million pages on the internat.

When used by the appropritate participating authorities, the EMCOM system can directly connect to the Brightstar database of the Full Circle Registry to obtain the child's information (where parents participate in the program), to automatically create and disseminate the Missing Child poster(s), as well as automatically issue an alert to agencies, media and public in a designated geographic area via satellite based WeatherAlert radios/pagers, internet, email, cell phone SMS messaging, wireless PDAs, voice messaging to cell phones and telephones, FAX, electronic highway and mall signs, etc. For the those devices capable of it, including new cell phones, wireless PDAs, computers, etc. the persons receiving the alert will receive the full poster information, including a photo of the child. All within moments of the missing child being reported.

Neighborhood based EMCOM Community Coordinators can be a vital resource in searches for Missing Children. In those first few critical minutes when a child is missing, EMCOM coordinators (whose members also include groups such as Neighborhood Watch, ARES/RACES ham radio operators, and others), in the vicinity can be notified within moments and gather neighbors for an immediate effective and coordinated search of the area. The persons/homes/businesses they contacted as well as the area searched can then be input via the Coordinator's access to the EMCOM Situation Reporting module or relayed to an EMCOM Network Control Center via telephone or radio, such that the information display becomes immediately available to the authorities managing and coordinating the search effort. These authorities get instant street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood details of the search effort, as well as observed unusual activities, etc. EMCOM has the capability to receive, consolidate and catagorize such neighborhood level situation reports from tens of thousands of persons in neighborhoods and on the road across the United States via a variety of communications media.

Nothing is more frightening to a parent than to have their child go missing. EMCOM's nationwide network of neighborhood based Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators can be available to help.

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