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International Emergency Preparedness, Notification and Communications Organization

About EMCOM...

Based in and around the Kansas City area, and with facilities around the country, EMCOM is a public service NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) and project of Technical Legal Consulting, Inc. (TLC) dedicated to providing for three key elements of nationwide emergency preparedness at the family / neighborhood level:
  • A nationwide network of neighborhood based, volunteer Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators whose objectives include bringing their respective neighborhoods to at least a minimum level of Emergency/Disaster Preparedness as defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Their tasks include passing out Red Cross/FEMA disaster information and checklists, creating neighborhood rosters/phone alert lists, designating neighborhood post emergency assembly/triage areas, and establishing back-up emergency communications for the community.

    Specific Goals and Objectives can be found by clicking HERE.

  • Providing the administration, operations, training, coordination and communications for its coordinators, including technologically advanced notification / communications systems to instantly (within seconds) notify any/all coordinators of emergency situations, and systems to provide for live, simultaneous, audio/visual interactive training of large groups of coordinators in geographically diverse locations.
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  • Providing a single, integrated notification/bulletin transmission methodology for municipalities, and public and private emergency organizations to communicate information for and between themselves, to the media, to neighborhood coordinators and/or the public. Communications may be for natural or man-made emergencies, or for everyday occurrences like water main breaks which require emergency "boil orders". Such messages can be transmitted to neighborhood coordinators in the area to relay to residents, or directly to participating residents themselves.

    Messages will appear as "pop-up" bulletins on the computer screens of the targeted audience, or be delivered to their message capable pagers or cell phones.

    Additionally, messages from these entities can be delivered directly via satellite to WeatherAlert 2000 radios, and beginning in April 2000, to satellite based pagers.

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  • Providing specifications and guidance for creating neighborhood based back-up emergency communications which interface directly with existing public/private emergency communications networks including ARES/RACES.
    (See Communications Specification)
EMCOM Project Director

The EMCOM Project is headed by TLC founding partner Eric Forsman. Mr. Forsman is a world renowned systems designer with over 30 years experience designing, developing and integrating advanced, state-of-the-art systems. His experience for both government and industry includes:
  • Space Systems
  • Nuclear Systems
  • Automated and Robotic Systems
  • Advanced Communications Systems
  • Nationwide/Worldwide Networks
  • Political Campaign/Election Systems
  • Information, financial and accounting systems
  • Internet based systems (currently controls well over 950,000 internet web pages)
Mr. Forsman specializes in Requirements Analysis and Design, and is a published author and keynote speaker on the subject. He has taught seminars and workshops world-wide (6 continents) on the subject, and speaks 5 languages. His experience in emergency management spans not only natural disasters, but extensive training in nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC), and terrorism based incidents. Mr. Forsman also has experience in all facets of law enforcement including forensic investigations, is a pilot (instrument rated) and holds a general class amateur radio license. He is a veteran, having spent 7 years with the Strategic Air Command of the United States Air Force (4 during Vietnam).

Mr. Forsman and his work have been featured in numerous newspaper, technical and business journals, and his innovative approaches to network based notification, communications and training systems have been the enabling factor in creating a system capable of providing the coordination needed in the development of the EMCOM nationwide network of Community Emergency Preparedness Coordinators, and the interfaces with emergency agencies at all levels.

Proprietary Systems

Integral to the the system is the secure, encrypted instant Notification and Emergency Warning System (NEWS) to public and private agencies which provides a means enhancing coordination of diverse and geographically separate offices, organizations and/or personnel. It is the foundation upon which the National Emergency Alert Notification System was built. The system allows a single message to be delivered to points world-wide within seconds, by 'popping up' a window on computer screens of all persons designated to receive the messages, regardless of the computer hardware type, operating system, or internet browser being utilized by the user. The system also incorporates notifications via email, satellite based WeatherAlert All-Hazard radios, text messaging notifications to pagers, cell phones, PDA's, FAX notifications, voice notifications via telephone and radio relay, and 'LiveAlert' targeted webcast technology. The system requires NO hardware or software installation by recipients, and virtually no training of users to be able to utilize the system; as such, a world-wide, private, secure coordinated communications network can be implemented within days, and a fraction of the cost of other systems.

The system incorporates a virtually unlimited user defined set of communications channels, such that grouping of communications to various types of receiving points is a simple task. Additionally, the system includes channels designated for receipt by the public, and by media organizations in their newsrooms. Other features include the built-in capability for all users (including public and media channels) to receive any bulletin issued by the National Weather Service for their own area, as well as breaking news bulletins from major media outlets.

The system provides an exceptional means of coordination through instant communications with locations anywhere in the world. In chaotic emergency situations, organizations can quickly provide guidance and information within their organization (intra-agency), between participating or interested organizations (inter-agency), or to the media or public.

Messages can be finely targeted to specific groups/organizations, types of groups/organizations, by geographic locality or within a user defined proximity of a geographic location, or down to single individuals.

Utilization of the system is simple. Users simply click on the NEWS button or link on an organization's internet web page, and an icon button will pop up on the user's screen in a separate, small window. The icon itself provides all of the monitoring capability needed for the system to operate. Users can then use their browser to continue utilizing the internet, or may go on to use any other applications on their computer. If any type of bulletin/notification is issued, it will appear in a window that pops up on the user's computer screen.

Messages/notifications may include photos/video etc. within the bulletin, and additional documents can be attached, just as with e-mail. Additionally, senders can designate that the user's internet browser automatically display any WWW page accessible through the internet.

With the enhanced system, users may also designate that a copy of all bulletins/notifications be sent to their email, and/or be sent to their text messaging capable cellular telephone if they are going to be away from their desk/computer.

The system also incorporate detailed, chronological logging of all messages by channel/incident, etc., available to user authorized personnel at any time.

For more information, see the System Presentation. Contact EMCOM for more information.

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