In concert with the calls to public service by Public Health Services, and governors across the nation, EMCOM is creating a nationwide network of neighborhood-based volunteers to aid their neighbors in Health Support and Emergency Preparedness. We make available the tools and direction to help the volunteers get started in their neighborhood, and make available (free), the instant communications system required to coordinate their efforts and provide instant notifications from federal, public and private agencies of situations of which they need to be aware.

The program offers everyone the opportunity to be a part of the effort to help our country in its current and future times of need. Volunteers need not have any special training or experience. It is a perfect way for senior citizens and even the handicapped to get involved. Scouts, individually or whole troops can participate as a community service bringing their first aid and survival skills to their neighborhoods in an even more meaningful way. Scouts can even team up with handicapped or senior volunteers with limited mobility, with the scouts handling the legwork of collecting from, or disseminating information to families in the neighborhood. Anyone with the desire to help can become a part of the EMCOM team.

Creating a nationwide, neighborhood-level Emergency Preparedness/Response network for the over 28,000 cities and towns in the United States is a monumental task. Effecting the coordination of Block/Community coordinators itself requires a communications system capable of providing instant, targeted communications at every level; local, citywide, statewide, and nationwide.

The government wants Emergency Preparedness “block captains” nationwide, but such an undertaking requires a monumental amount of coordination and communications capabilities. It will take months to define it, and more months, they build the bureaucracy and then build the network.

But the EMCOM division of TLC has the means to undertake this mission. With the help of the internet community, and utilizing our proprietary TLC/EMCOM Notification and Emergency Warning System (NEWS), we have the ability to use the internet to build a nationwide network of Emergency Preparedness Coordinators in a matter of weeks. (If everyone reading this would begin an email campaign to email everyone in their email address book, maybe we can build it in days.)

EMCOM is a private organization that believes that we the private citizens can and should be taking our own initiatives to our own civil preparedness. We need it now, and the internet community has the means to build an efficient, effective organization quickly. EMCOM already has the worldwide coordination/communication systems in place to provide immediate notifications, bulletins, and training from media and agencies to community “captains” as well as the public in general, to help in coordinating incidents or emergencies.

We are getting the jump on implementing such a network of community participants and arming them with training, preparedness materials, and emergency notification communications. At such time as the officials in your state are capable of either participating in the network or in working with us to coordinate the network, we will make the functioning network available to the state or local agency.

If you would like to participate with us as a civil preparedness coordinator in your community, you can fill in the registration form on this site. You will then receive a system LOGON and PASSWORD to allow you access to the secure communication/notification system. You will then only need to come to this site any time you log in to the internet, log in, and a monitoring icon will activate on your own computer. There is no hardware or software to purchase or install. Your computer will then POP-UP windows on your computer screen with notifications from various agencies as applicable. You can still use your internet browser to surf the internet, or use other applications on your computer. As long as you remain connected to the internet, the monitor will remain active, and you will receive notifications or bulletins within seconds of them being issued, including bulletins issued by the National Weather Service for your own area..